How Does Long Term Hire Work?
Long term hires are set at a special rate for a specified length of hire. When long hire is requested we work out a tailored deal to suit you as the customer, and your worksite requirements. We will provide you with the best of the machinery, in top condition.
What is a Bulldozer?
A bulldozer is a crawler (caterpillar tracked tractor), equipped with a substantial metal plate (known as a blade), used to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble, etc., during construction work. The term “bulldozer” is often used to mean any heavy equipment (sometimes a loader and sometimes an excavator), but precisely, the term refers only to a tractor (usually tracked) fitted with a dozer blade or bucket.
When I rent the equipment from you, am I responsible for damages?
In most cases, yes. Incidental damage may be covered by the Damage Waiver. For complete details on our rental policies, please refer to the Terms & Conditions outlined in the provided Rental Agreement.
How long is each rental period?
One Day Rental = One (1) 8-hour shift over a 24 hour period
One Week Rental = Five (5) 8-hour shifts over a seven day period
One Month Rental = Twenty (20) 8-hour shifts over a 28 day period
Is insurance required on the leased equipment?
Yes. In order to protect both the leasing company and lessee, insurance is required on all leased equipment.
Can I pick-up or drop off the equipment myself?
No. For your safety, our haulers must be used for all equipment deliveries and pick-ups.